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English and LOTE (Japanese)

Head of Department: Rachel Kirk


In English, students study the human condition by exploring different perspectives through a range of literary and non-literary texts. By empathising with character’s point of views students appreciate the world around them and respond to texts in a variety of ways including through speech, drama and in various modes of writing – creative and analytical. Reading a range of texts is an integral part of the English course and wide reading of novels is encouraged.
Japanese is a compulsory subject in years 7 and 8 that is studied over a semester. Students are exposed to language and learn to read, write and construct phrases and sentences. Furthermore, students get to appreciate Japanese culture and cuisine through exploring: calligraphy, anime, origami and sushi making.
We use a range of pedagogies to advance student learning in both English and Japanese classes. Our signature pedagogy is explicit teaching; however, a range of direct instruction, inquiry methods and student centred approaches may also be used depending on the unit being studied, the teacher and the students.
Outcomes - English is a cumulative subject where students continue to build on their skills and knowledge year by year. All students have the opportunity to build literacy, language and literature skills to prepare them for the 21st Century.
Japanese – Being exposed to Japanese at a young age offers students the opportunity to expand their world view and gives them a base to begin further language studies in the future.
Subjects and Courses Offered
Year Level
Subjects Offered
English, Japanese
English, Japanese
English, Japanese
English, Short Course in Literacy,
Japanese (eLearning)
English, English Communication, English for ESL, Short Course in Literacy
Japanese (eLearning)
English, English Communication, English for ESL, Short Course in Literacy
Japanese (eLearning)
Special Programs, Events and Activities
·       After school tutorials, Thursday 3pm – 4pm
·       Literary competition and Writing competitions
·       Annual Visiting Author Program to approved junior applicants
·       Theatre troupe: Grin and Tonic, Bell Shakespeare
Recent Achievements
·       Two Reader’s Cup teams participate at Cairns SHS each year,  students from years 7 and 8
·       Spelling Bee competition participants – year 7/8 and year 9/10