HPE and Manual Arts


Head of Department: Matt Sperring


Health and Physical Education is an exciting learning area that encourages and teaches students how to enhance their own and others' health, safety, wellbeing and physical activity participation through a variety of learning experiences and practical activities. Health and Physical Education (HPE) has a strong scientific foundation, particularly when we are exploring topics such as physiology, nutrition, biomechanics and psychology. These topics and study areas inform what we understand about healthy, safe and active choices. Students are also provided with opportunities to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to strengthen their sense of self, build and manage satisfying relationships, and explore their own identities. They also learn to identify, access and use resources for the benefit of themselves and for the communities with which they identify and to which they belong.

Health and Physical Education is both a classroom and practical based subject provided as a compulsory subject in grades 7 to 9, and then as an elective through grades 10 to 12.
Industrial technology and Design, or INTAD, is a practical workshop based learning area that provides students with valuable hands on production skills. INTAD allows students to explore the use of manual and power tools along with a variety of materials such as wood, plastic and metal, in a number of settings including the woodwork shop, machine shop, and graphics lab.  The INTAD department is committed to providing students with the relevant training and skill development for a number of occupational fields, in particular manual trades including carpentry and boiler making. INTAD also incorporate design based subjects where students can develop their product from the planning stage through to production, and in the near future coding. The goal of the learning area is to provide students with the appropriate guidance as they develop their interest in INTAD subjects into a potential desire to pursue it as a future career.
Subjects and Courses Offered
Year Level
Subjects Offered
7 to 8
Health and Physical Education
Industrial Technology and Design
Health and Physical Education
Industrial Technology and Design
Design and Technology
Human Movement Studies
Sports and Recreation
Industrial Technology and Design
Design and Technology
11 and 12
Physical Education *
Health *
Recreation Studies
Graphics *
Industrial Technology Skills
Industrial Graphics Skills
* Authority Subjects (OP eligible)
Special Programs, Events and Activities
·       Annual Sports Carnivals take place throughout the year including:
o   Swimming
o   Cross Country
o   Athletics
·       Students are able to access HPE teachers for tutorials on a Thursday afternoon in P01/P02. Juniors and Seniors are welcome, and students will have access to laptops if needed
·       Gordonvale State High School competes in many local and regional sporting events including, but not limited to, the Indigenous Touch Football Carnival, Cowboys Cup Rugby League, Vicki Wilson Netball, All Schools Touch Football, and the Cairns Interschool Swimming Carnival.
·       Throughout their time studying Health and Physical Education a number of opportunities come up for students to participate in a variety of excursions including the year 12 Recreation Pyramid Hike.
·       Power of Pallets: students participate in a program where they recycle old pallets in to furniture. These items are then auctioned off for charity at an annual event, which in 2016 was hosted by Jamie Durie.
Recent Achievements
·       Gordonvale State High School placed fourth in the 2017 Trinity Coast South Cross Country Carnival, finishing behind much larger schools from our district.
·       In 2016 we had over 250 students represent the school in various sports and events including Trinity Coast South Cross Country and Athletics, Trinity Coast South sport trials (Rugby League, Hockey, Touch Football, Cricket, Basketball, Triathlon, Soccer, Netball and AFL), Cowboys Challenge, Vicki Wilson Netball, All Schools Touch Football.
·       In 2016 we had 19 students selected to represent the region, Peninsula, at a state level.
·       We have had a number of students and staff recognised at the regional Design competitions for their woodwork and metalwork products.
Last reviewed 06 December 2019
Last updated 06 December 2019