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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ganyarra (gun-ya-daa)​ – Formerly​​​ known as Crocs

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Damarri (l​ege​​ndary being) went to the river with his fishing line in search of mayi (food) ​to eat. As Damari moves through the water, ​unaware​ that he has entere​​d territory belonging to the amb​​ush king who is known as GANYARRA (gun-ya-daa).

​Ganyarra (gun-ya-daa) spotted Damari enter his domain and without hesi​​tation, glided his large body under the water surface leaving no trace of his presence, torpedoing towards his target. Damari's eyes looking across the water where to throw his line and, in this moment, Ganyarra (gun-ya-daa) drove his powerful jaws over Damari's leg and lifted him above the water and took a piece of the legendary being. And by this action, the ambush king states that not even gods are safe from Ganyarra (gun-ya-daa) the crocodile!

Guyala (goo-ya-laa) – Formerly known as Sea Eagles

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Guyala (goo-ya-laa) is the god of the skies! Nothing get's past the keen eyesight of this giant graceful bird. He has named many of these places around he​re so that those who travel know which path to walk and not get lost. The Sea Eagle is kind and thinks about others but if you cross him you will feel the awesome power, do not mistaken the God of the sky's kindness for weakness. He is known to be a great warrior, Guyala (goo-ya-laa) is not afraid to bare those powerful talons. The blood of a God runs strong through these veins.

Heed this warning.

Jama (jar-mar) – Formerly known as Taipans

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Before buildings, before traffic lights, roads, cars there were woodlands and rainfo​rest. The only way you got around was by what we know now as the foot falcon, walking. But there is one animal everyone knows not to mess with on these lands. The elders always speak never cross path with Jama, you must make new track and go around him, if you disturb him he will come for you. If you injure him, he will follow you for days and strike you where you lay.

Once this potent prince sinks his fangs into you, death is imminent and you do not have long to live. He is fast, aggressive and if you take Jama on he will have the last word. Caution is needed in the presence of the potent prince we know as Jama the Taipan.

​Jilibiri (jil-ee-bee​-ree) – Formerly known as Barras

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While the hunter stands on the river bank, cicadas deafening the rainforest, he acknowledges Guyala(goo-ya-laa) high above the treetops soaring elegantly through the sky, the subtle sound of Jama slithering amongst the fallen leaves, while sensing Gunyarra(gun-ya-daa) lurking ​in the darkness below the water. But a ray of sunshine creeps through the branches on to the water, when a shiny glimmer catches his eye. The Barramundi! But in native tongue he speaks Jilibiri (jil-ee-bee-ree). 

Jilibiri (jil-ee-bee-ree) is fast, powerful, elusive and can be difficult to place a spear through. Those big scales protect him very well from sharp objects attempting to pierce the flesh of this hard to hunt animal. With a refined whistle in the wind, the spear soon rushes past the shadow sovereign and ricochets off the mossy rock underneath the water. At an instance, Jilibiri's (jil-ee-bee-ree) coloration changes swiftly to camouflage itself amongst the murky waters and darts for the snag amongst the darkness. The shadow sovereign is known to disappear as quick as you see the glimmering silver of its scales.

The hunter is left wanting.

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Last updated 28 June 2021